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Q. What makes the Platinum Home Block Pinot Noir so special?

This Pinot is made with a handful of different blocks of grapes sourced from our Home Block Estate Vineyard. These blocks are made up of young and old vines, an array of different soil types, and a smattering of different clones making this a fun wine to make—there was just so much to play with. I think the result is a true expression of the vineyard as a whole and as a showcase of flavours
that only this kind of diversity can deliver.


Q. Does the age, soil type, and clone impact the way you farm?

The work we do in the vineyard is critical to the outcome in the cellar. We are always working towards just the right mix of concentration, ripeness, and natural acidity. Our ultimate goal? Slow ripening, smaller bunches, with more balance. Some of these blocks are doing this on their own while others need to be tamed to help manage vigor and ensure the right concentration of fruit. 


q. What do you think makes the Platinum Home Block Rosé such a neighborhood favourite?

I think Rosé is a wine style that deserves to be taken seriously. That being said, to me, Rosé is a springtime wine and the flavour profile should reflect energy and life that comes with a new growing season. The Platinum Home Block Rosé is made with 100% Pinot Noir that was organically farmed and picked early to ensure the wine is fresh, vibrant, and crisp. 

“High quality fruit, wild fermentation, and large format barrels are a few of the factors that give our Estate Syrah that perfect tension between strength and elegance.”


— Winemaker, Taylor Whelan

Q. What makes the picking time so critical when making Rosé with Pinot Noir?

Our Senior Viticulturist, Kurt and I have worked really hard to dial in the picking times on the Pinot here at Home Block to ensure we get the balance just right. Getting the pick time right is what gives Rosé made with Pinot Noir that pithy mix of flavours like cooking herbs and grapefruit. It also ensures we deliver on that mineral character and burst of berry fruits while still maintaining a
good amount of acidity. 


Q. Why is the Estate Chardonnay one of the wines you’re the most proud of?

Chardonnay can be a winemaker’s playground in the sense that there are so many different styles to lean into. This Chardonnay is wild fermented and aged in French oak for 10 months. The fruit is picked from 30-year-old Chardonnay from the South Okanagan. These vines have deep roots that deliver fruit with real complexity and intensity of flavour so I am careful in my winemaking to
ensure the fruit remains center stage. 


Q. What is the difference between the Platinum and Estate Pinot Noir?

The big difference is the place! The Estate Pinot Noir is a taste of the North Okanagan as a whole with fruit sourced from Naramata, East Kelowna, and Lakeshore vineyards, as well as Home Block at Cedar Creek. Once the wine is made and blended it spends 10 months in French oak before bottling to ensure the final product is pure fruited.

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