Harvest Stories

From the earth, to our hands, to our customers, each wine we produce forges a long line of connection that brings us all closer together, and closer to this land.


A day in the life of winemaker Taylor Whelan

Follow Taylor, our winemaker on a typical day during the harvest season. Unsurprisingly, the day starts bright and early with a cup of coffee.

A day in the life of A Viticulturist

Kurt and Pete, our viticulturists, share how their typical day is during harvest.


Honey Bees in the Vineyard

2019's harvest marks our first in growing and producing certified organic grapes and wines. Taylor, our winemaker, reflects on the impact of this transition - including a sweet surprise.

Harvest and Winemaking Glossary

Reading about winemaking can be a bit confusing, so we have provided a full list of terms to bring out your inner winemaker.

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