Harvest 2019

Welcome to Harvest 2019! Here we offer you a snapshot into the most exciting part of the winemaking process. Follow along with us through this exciting vintage to learn all about our daily happenings, harvest comfort food, cellar jams and more. 

Harvest 2019 Wine grapes

A Journey In Every Bottle

The journey to your glass starts below the earth. Vines sprout, carrying this land’s story. We nurture each branch until grapes grow and ripen in the sun. We monitor the grapes’ skins and colour until the precise moment of sweetness or acidity or ripeness. Finally, our winemaker puts his unique lens on each varietal, making decisions around fermentation, extraction and ageing. There are no recipes, and no guarantees. Sunshine, rain, wind—even bumblebees — all make their mark on each bottle.

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