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At CedarCreek Estate Winery, everything we do comes back to one goal: to create and share distinctive, cool climate wines. Our commitment to organic vineyard farming and winemaking builds a deep connection to the land, and allows us to make wines that are vibrant and bright, a pure expression of the North Okanagan.

Dine at Home Block Restaurant

Chef Neil Taylor prepares his menu like you are his personal guest, embracing the bounty of the Okanagan Valley. With a wine-first philosophy, Chef draws inspiration for his menu from the wine, creating rustic, memorable lunch and dinner dishes.

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Brynne, Wine Tasting CedarCreek Winery

Tastings & Experiences

Join us at our stone faced, contemporary farmhouse for wine tastings, vineyard tours and delectable food pairings.

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2023 Sunset Sessions

Join us for our second year of Sunset Sessions and settle in for an evening of fine wines, bountiful food, picturesque views, and the warmth of local artists filling the atmosphere with their melodies.

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What’s best for the LAND, is best for the WINE

Great wine comes from a balanced, thriving vineyard. And, to best care for our vineyard, our team cultivates a holistic ecosystem with cover crops, animals, and bees. The secret to our success lies in tireless commitment and unwavering dedication to the vineyard.

It takes a village


Learn about how our Scottish Highland Cows act as gardeners, our falcon-lead security team, and a surprising benefit of bees.


A mix of cover crops protect our soil, giving our vines the nutrients they need. You’ll see alfalfa, crimson clover, mustard, and wildflowers throughout the grounds.


CedarCreek Estate Winery is surrounded by Home Block, a sloping vineyard with a unique aspect and a diverse soil range.


The CedarCreek team have a ‘boots on the ground’ philosophy — that’s why you’ll see them outside, carefully tending to the vineyard.

Discover how our organic vineyard farming makes a difference

Discover CedarCreek

Since releasing our first bottle in 1987, each season and each harvest brings something different, allowing the CedarCreek team to craft a wine true to the time and place it came from. Each vintage is unrepeatable and each bottle brings you an authentic snapshot of the North Okanagan Valley.

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