How We Farm


For us, terroir is both found and forged. Nature supplies us the raw materials — the constraints of aspect, geology and climate— and for over 40 years, we’ve listened to the ecosystem. By nurturing it as it does us, we’ve learned what each vineyard block is capable of.

At CedarCreek, our vineyards, our winemaking team, and our viticulturists are as much a part of our team as our Scottish Highland Cows, bees and Kestrels. Together, as a team, we realize the potential of the North Okanagan to bring you beautiful wines.


For us, the key to success in the vineyard lies in the passion and commitment of the people on our team. We work in concert with the land everyday to build a healthy ecosystem, full of animals and plants, to naturally combat disease or pests. Cover crops, like alfalfa and crimson, keep the soil healthy while animals bring a diversity and balance to the land. Under close watch, everything works together, creating an ideal atmosphere for a vineyard.



Although grapevines are self-pollinating, research has shown that the best wines are made from soils teaming with life. Our bees are busy pollinating our cover crops and wildflowers — contributing to the diversity of the vineyard and helping eliminate the need for synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.


These ladies work overtime alleviating our vineyards of many unwanted pests and helping scratch and aerate the soil.  Through their hard work, they further enhance the soil life and vine health.  And best of all, their fresh eggs go directly to the Home Block restaurant to be enjoyed by our guests.


Because we are committed to enhancing the soils naturally we created a worm farm. Worms are truly the unsung heroes of any vineyard. Their relentless wiggling through the soil creates small holes, forming worm casts that assist in root penetration and water drainage. Our team then uses the casts to make worm tea which repopulates the soil with beneficial microbes enriching our roots and helping them retain water in the hot summer months.

Scottish Highland Cows

Tui, Fern, Milo, Daisy, and Bodhi make up our happy herd. They spend their days wandering the vineyard rows, taking in the beautiful views. Their hooves break up the soil and their manure is good for compost and attracting beneficial bugs and birds. Their Scottish roots make them a hearty stock, comfortable in our cool Okanagan winters, and known for their friendly temperament.


Though native to the Okanagan, Kestrels populations have been declining due to habitat destruction. By placing nesting boxes around the vineyards, we can both keep our fruit safe and promote the falcons’ dwindling populations.

Kangal Mountain Dog

Big title, big job, big bark: Deo, our 60kg farm dog, is the protector for all of CedarCreek’s animals. His workday involves chasing away coyotes and bears, digging in the compost for scraps, and saying a friendly hello to CedarCreek’s guests big and small.

"The way we farm with organics creates a demand for the vines to drive their roots deeper. This deepening of the root structure creates change as the vines explore below ground and that’s reflected in the canopies just slowing down and coming a bit more into balance."

Kurt Simcic

Organic Viticulturist



The Home Block vineyard is the heart of CedarCreek Estate Winery; it surrounds our estate and guides the winery's ethos to make high-quality wines through organic practices. With the estate buildings next to Home Block, our wines are made on-site and our fruit never leaves the property.

Running from East to West, the vineyard’s aspect, soil characteristics, and microclimates change as it slopes down the eastern shores of Lake Okanagan. The acres of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Riesling are split into Blocks defined by these nuances. Despite being cooler than the south, Home Block’s unique aspect extends the daily hours of sunlight and allows for optimal ripening.

Block 1

Pinot Noir Rosé (Platinum Collection)

Block 2

Pinot Noir (Aspect Collection)

Block 3

Riesling (Aspect Collection)

Block 4

Pinot Noir (Aspect Collection)

Block 5

Chardonnay (Aspect Collection)

Block 7

Pinot Gris (Platinum Collection)

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