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Planting Trees in British Columbia

We’re planting trees in wildfire-affected areas in British Columbia and you can help by buying wine.


25,000 trees to be planted

As the 8th winery in the Okanagan Valley – established in 1986 – CedarCreek Estate Winery has strong roots in British Columbia. Our vineyard is surrounded on three sides by wild parkland – one of those parks being the Johns Family Reserve, formerly known as Cedar Mountain. Once populated by Western Red Cedar, they burned during the 2003 wildfire that surrounded our property – the single most damaging and significant fire in B.C.’s history. We personally understand the importance of rebuilding after a wildfire, and that’s why we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted for three years running on a wildfire reforestation project on the Chilcotin Plateau.

One Million Trees Planted in BC

Over the past few years it has been hard to deny that forest fires have become larger, stronger, and more frequent than ever. While forest fires are a part of mother nature’s process, their increasing severity around the world is leading to a significant negative impact for nature, people, and wildlife.

But the good news is that we can help nature recover, and planting trees is one of the best ways to do that!

forest fire restoration

Recent wildfires have impacted animals, insects, native plant life, and, of course, trees. Not only are fires traumatic for the environment, but they also take a great toll on the surrounding communities that live there and have a strong relationship with the land. Our reforestation project will give the damaged ecosystems a new chance of survival and potential to thrive. What is not always apparent is that the benefits of forest restoration reach far beyond the forest canopy. In fact, land restoration helps achieve all seventeen of the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations!

the chiLCOtin plateau

This project focuses on the reforestation of the Chilcotin Plateau which suffered from the devastating 2017 Hanceville wildfire. This fire wiped out an area the size of a small European country, forcing the Yunesit’in First Nation to evacuate their land and be relocated.

One Dollar = One Tree

Learn more about how One Tree Planted began to restore the forest to its former glory as part of a big reforestation effort to plant 1 million trees in British Columbia.

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